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"Some of the greatest memories of these two years are with you… Bukra, the ridiculously busy first day, and the day spent exploring the galleries around Jabal Amman, when we ditched it all for a drink at that French cafe I still can’t pronounce and the video we still laugh over… The dinner and the silly dancing… The many evenings we spent together, working on internals, dancing around and binge eating… Our ‘happy’ videos… Our graduation, the dinner and the prom… And the day I realized how lucky I am to have you, the day I broke down over a stupid weekend and nothing made me feel better but you, zein and some ice cream….
Thank you again, forever and always… Love you like crazy, will miss you like crazy….” —DH

I am going to miss you like crazy, my dear…

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"Thank you… For everything, for two of the best years of my life, for days I will never forget, for a friendship I hope lasts forever (or nineever?)…."
― DH
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"know that I have as much faith in you as you have in me"
― BK
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"I am just like the moon,
Full of imperfections,
But just like the moon
My faith Helps me shine
in times of darkness."
― (via moeyhashy)
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